Another Step on Fascism’s Road

On January 19, the Republican Party of Dallas filed a lawsuit to have 128 Democrats removed from the county ballot! Taken by itself, it’s almost a joke, because what they are calling legal grounds is laughable. Fascist_OK

What makes the Democrats uneasy is the way the Trump Administration and Congressional approvals are filling the entire judicial system with reactionaries.

We’ve already seen many terrible court decisions since the Supreme Court first put George Bush II into office. Citizens United encourages corporations to take over our election processes. Another decision gutted the Voting Rights Act. Many smaller decisions have occurred or are in process today. Even if the Trump term of office were very short, as most of us hope, it will take decades to get over his effect on the judiciary!

People think that the Republicans hate democracy because of their judges, redistricting and voter suppression laws.

Actually, that’s not true

Here’s what’s really going on: the capitalists are robbing the working class. It’s “business as usual” for them because they have to beat their competitors through lower costs and we, the workers, are their costs! Our health care, food stamps, and retirement benefits are also part of their costs because they have to pay taxes.

If you’re going to rob somebody, you’d better make sure they aren’t armed. Right now, Americans are armed with a certain amount of limited democracy. We can still “vote the bastards out.” We can still organize and protest. We still have unions and some legal rights.

They intend to go on robbing us because they have to. They intend to go on disarming us so they can rob us. Eventually, they will want to drop all pretense of democracy and implement fascism. That’s how this system works, or doesn’t work, and everybody needs to understand it so we can start working together to create a better system.

–Gene Lantz

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