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The most terrific thing about the retiree movement in America is that anybody can join it. As everybody hopes to retire someday, everybody should!

In 2003, the AFL-CIO took over the union retirees movement and opened membership to everybody. The Alliance for Retired Americans asks $10/year. They provide a weekly newsletter, topical updates as things happen, educational opportunities, political investigation and advice, and the best possible lobby in Washington, DC.

In addition, they are adding state affiliates everywhere. Texas was chartered in 2006. I am current president. The Texas Alliance for Retired Americans is one of the most active progressive organizations in the state. We have 4 chapters in 4 important cities, and we’re working on 3 more. Our next state informational meeting will be just after the Labor Caucus at the Democratic Party Convention, June 17, at the Alamodome in San Antonio. Everybody, of course, is invited!


We petition, we lobby, we visit politicians in their offices, we educate, we endorse candidates, we speak out! If you go to a progressive rally or picket line nowadays, count the gray and bald heads! Lots of them are there because our organization energized them.

A strong and independent retiree movement in America is developing just in time, because our wealthy enemies are working overtime to cut benefits, raise the retirement age, end pensions, outsource benefits, raise drug prices, and everything else possible to enrich themselves and make American retirement all but impossible.

They do that because they think we are vulnerable. In truth, we used to be. But not anymore! –Gene Lantz

me-knonWhat a time we live in! People are asking questions! People are broadening the range of answers that they will consider! I want to be involved with as many seekers as possible through this new blog, my 9AM Saturday radio show on, my union local’s newspaper, my site on workers’ issues (which includes my labor history collection), my work on, my work on, and my personal site with my biography, life lessons, and educational materials.

I’ll be meeting with union members, the AFL-CIO members, retiree organizations, and a group of deep-thinking general activists. I’ll be learning as I go along, and I hope you’ll join in.

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I have written a lot and will write a lot more. Let’s synthesize our thoughts together!

_Gene Lantz 5/30/16