Radioactive Poison Dumped in Texas

Mavis Belisle on KNON

Mavis Belisle reports on dumping of radioactive poison in Texas

Lon Burnam called the “Workers Beat” program on KNON radio on June 4 to ask my guest, Mavis Belisle, to explain about the Dallas company that is currently dumping low level radioactive waste in Texas and wants a permit to dump the really poisonous stuff. I’d been calling them “Waste Management,” but Mavis said the correct name was “Waste Control Specialists.”

Here’s Mavis explaining on YouTube:

The owner was infamous for making major contributions to the Texas politicians who originally permitted the dumping. If it were simply up to the Texans, few of us doubt that the company would get another permit to solve one of the most vexing problems in the world: what to do with the plutonium and other poisons being created by all the nuclear power plants.

Up to now, there has been no solution. Mavis said that the government had plans to dump it under a mountain in Nevada, but the Nevadans found out about it so those plans were cancelled. The stuff is just piling up. They keep making more of it, and there’s absolutely nothing they can do to safely store or dispose of it.

Mavis said that plutonium doesn’t degrade. It will still be around, she said, for the same length of time that the human race has existed up to now.

Why would companies and politicians allow this sorry state of affairs? Greed.

–Gene Lantz

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