Do You Want Text Reminders of Labor Activities?

During the next period, we’re going to need to organize quickly. To that end, I started a text reminder service for my class on labor relations. You can join it by texting “@laborrel” to the phone number “81010.”

When something important comes up, or if something changes quickly, I’ll text you. It came up just last Saturday, when I asked thousands of people to join the musicians’ picket line in Fort Worth, then found out at the last minute that somebody had cancelled it. Those who had my texting service saved themselves a trip to downtown Fort Worth. Of course, I also told everybody by e-mail, but that’s not as immediate as texting.

A few people have kidded me about using the name “Dr. Lantz” on my labor relations class. The truth is, I hope to see a lot more worker educational activities and the texting service will come in handy for everybody involved. Besides, I really am Dr. Lantz.


–Gene Lantz

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